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When a government says one thing to intentionally get the public to believe something that is mostly lies.
There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
by Mike Truitt June 18, 2003

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A woman who refuses to believe that anything that is not white christian middle-upper class is evil. Political correctness and purification of youth is the prime goal of this group. These "dress and act like we are 20 even though we all know we are double that age" sufferers are often found destroying the sacred enviornment in their oversized SUV's driving in an unsafe fashion, often times with cell phones in one hand and a Starbucks coffee in the other.
Tipper Gore.
by Mike Truitt June 10, 2003

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verb. To run in slow motion
Dude, quit hasselhoffing it and come here. Jackass
by Mike Truitt June 16, 2003

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Revealing your "private parts" to another person

whipping out your penis
showing your tits
Flash me for a dollar
by Mike Truitt June 14, 2003

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A role playing game released in 1997 by Squaresoft. Most video game enthusiest recognize this game as one of the greatest games ever, and for having one of the best, most captivating story lines ever. FF7 is recognized as bringing RPGs into the mainstream pipularity
Final Fantasy VII is the greatest game ever
by Mike Truitt June 11, 2003

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Character of Final Fantasy VII, often regarded as one of the most popular and recognizable characters the video game industry has ever seen. Most noted for the love triangle between him, Aeris and Tifa, and off course *lol* his Spikey Hair
Cloud is the coolest
by Mike Truitt June 11, 2003

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Quite possibly the greatest automobile in since those funny looking bikes with the really big front tire. You know what I am talking about.
by Mike Truitt June 17, 2003

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