The process of groping a woman from her vagina to her anus from behind while they are bent over.
See that chick bent over the counter at the gas station? Shes asking to get boothed
by El Sc0rch0 April 20, 2020
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this can be anywhere making music takes place. Whether it's your dorm room, laundry room etc. if you're recording, you're in the booth.
J: Yo you tryna go to the booth?

D: Yea, Ill meet you in Getsch 108 (dorm room).
by teamtrust May 29, 2009
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in the zone, like you dont wanna be disturbed. Used for music, sometimes football and other sports
Yo, Karl don't bother me tonite imma be in the booth
by willy_law2 August 2, 2010
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(noun) a small, enclosed space in a recording studio (similar to Superman-style telephone booth). Usually used for recording vocal tracks, for separation (sound-proofed).
"Everytime I step in the booth, I spit the truth"
by Christopher Loomis September 1, 2005
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A state of being in which a person does what they want, doesn't give a fuck about any other shit going on, and knows that they are being booth.
The process of acting this way is known as "boothing".
"Did you see that guy walking down the sidewalk? He just punched a guy in the jaw for walking into him!! He's being so booth."
"Yeah, I saw that. He's boothing like a motherfucker."
by phuriousphil April 27, 2009
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to soothe with the breasts
Rolando was so distraught over his lizard's death that I had to boothe him for hours. It helped.
by ivy4000 June 10, 2011
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being forever the romantic, picking a girl up and shagging them in the local park. in october. up the arse!
"Where's Booth?"
"He's boothing Rachael in Torky park."
by bradders October 31, 2003
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