The place where you record your music!
I recorded my rap songs @ the recording studio in Boston yeterday (I wish)!
by Home slice May 3, 2005
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Monster Records Studio is an imaginary company that doesn't exist, it's used from babies and children to indicate that they go to play to their imaginary "work"
9 y.o. child: "I'm going to work"
"Where do you work? You're only 9 y.o."
"I work at Monster Records Studio"
"Ohhh so you're going to play!!"
by rotondo da sosa November 27, 2022
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A loud resounding fart passed in the confines of a steamy shower.
Kristin laughed this morning while I was making music in the rusty recording studio.
by Casey Cool Man September 8, 2013
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Monster Records Studio is an italian music label. This label offers excellent services and is always looking for bizarre, creative and deep artists! The aim of this music label is to give space to all the emotions of the artists!
Wow! You are lucky because you signed a record deal with Monster Records Studio!
by Mozartforlife00 November 23, 2022
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