trying to
as in trying to get somthing acomplished
when said correctly the Y is held
-whats goin on?
-just tryna get my yam on. you knooowww
-yeah fo sho
-she's a ho
-fo shoooo

by yam gurl December 28, 2005
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second generation evolution of "you trying to do something", which is the evolved form of "would you like to do something".

combines "trying to do (the activity)" in one word - very helpful in a world where shortness (laziness) versus clarity reigns supreme.
"u tryna bowling?!" instead of wasting all that time saying "are you trying to go bowling?", or in the olden days: "would you like to go bowling?"

"u tryna do something tonight" - still wordy (I'd prefer "u tryna somethin" but i won't be picky)

"u tryna tryna" - funny lolligagging with the word tryna; even i'm not sure what this means and i created the slang...third evolution perhaps?
by jeaves86 August 26, 2008
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Making a half-assed effort; usually, an attempt not to do something while pretending that you’re trying to do it
Girlfriend: Pull out or I might get pregnant.
Boyfriend: I’m tryna, baby, but it’s just too good.
by SidneeBlogs January 01, 2012
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Trying to.

Spoken out loud often, but only ever written down by the extremely lazy or the extremely eager to be percieved as ghetto.
Leave me alone! I'm tryna do my homework!
by lynx wings April 23, 2005
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