Used when telling a person to stop trying something that you know won't work.
"I have to get this lock off somehow."
"Don't bother."
by Denisowator April 6, 2016
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Don't bother: don't even try or think about trying.(key word: 'try')
'Don't bother' trying on those pants they obviously won't fit you!!!
by Raining with love March 12, 2017
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The last catch cry of a hideous woman on the walk of shame. Commonly after she has performed an act of fellatio and has had a cab called for her because there was no chance she was getting a spooning.
Hammo (through a slit in the bedroom door): Don't bother spooning that

Gronk: are you gonna let them speak to me like that?

Timmy: I'll call ya a cab, shall I?

Gronk (out the front waiting for a cab): you can't treat people like this, *sob* I can hear what you say under your breath *sob sob*

The Boys: waaaa, boo hoo

Gronk: Don't bother calling.....

(group hugs, tears and a sincere one kneed WHHHYYYYY)
by paddymac August 25, 2009
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You're just too cool to bother with any details of anything.
And surpass the level of 'Epic coolness'

This line CANNOT be said. Unless you strike a cool pose right after.
Mother: Sweetie, you have weird rocker friends.
Daughter: I'm not a rocker!
Mother: ...Sorry. You have weird goth friends.
Daughter: I'm not goth!
Mother: Then what are you?!
Daughter: Mom! When you're this cool, You don't bother with the details. ;D
by Ashley ;D June 18, 2008
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