it's an expression to say In the ass !!!!
this girl is a kinky one ... she like it Up the arse !!!!!
by shortybutterfly January 14, 2006
Australian Expression: Used to describe when something is in great quantity.
"Yo! P.Diddy has got money up the arse!"
by Blazey da Best May 29, 2005
a shouted response to an insult. similar to up yours but stronger.
made immortal by the lyrics of the famous song:- "from stamford bridge to upton park" "stick your blue flag up your arse" "UP YOUR ARSE" "UP YOUR ARSE" "UP YOUR ARSE" "UP YOUR ARSE" "from stamford bridge to upton park" ""stick your blue flag" "UP YOUR ARSE"
by theWestHamfan November 18, 2003
To tell another person that you dont agree with their opinion
My housemate gave us back the binbags that he hid for 2-3 days for no fuckin reason.... "you can shove ur fuckin binbags up your arse! cha cha, you can shove ur fuckin binbags up your arse, cha cha....u can shove yer fuckin..."
by therealjag October 19, 2008
#1 - An appropriate response to any insult.

#2 - An answer to any question or request. Can be used for both an affirmative or negative response.
e.g. 1

Stratto: "You're a homo."
Ando: "Up your arse!"

e.g. 2

Gib: "While you're at the shops can you get me a $6 Cornetto?"
Sam: "Up your arse!"
Gib: "Thanks maaate."

e.g. 3

Police Officer: "Sir, you are going to have to put some clothes on. This is a playground and there are children around."
Sammy: "Up your arse!"
by Han :) March 25, 2010
Essentially meaning "great", this playful phrase will make your proclamations of the greatness of something all the better. Can also be used in the abbreviated form, SUYA. There is another variant, sex right up your arse.
Lemon cheescake is sex up your arse.
Lemon cheesecake is SUYA.
by insin January 8, 2004