(noun) a small, enclosed space in a recording studio (similar to Superman-style telephone booth). Usually used for recording vocal tracks, for separation (sound-proofed).
"Everytime I step in the booth, I spit the truth"
by Christopher Loomis September 1, 2005
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1. (adjective) The act of needlessly over complicating a relatively simple task.

2. (adjective) Misinterpreting a simple idea or plan and twisting it around to where in the end you feel like you've been reverse donkey punched.
In the board meeting everything was going well until Daniel boothed everything up and confused everybody.
by jdiz72 December 28, 2011
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Something that is totally cool. Usage is identical to "the bomb."
That movie was the booth.
by kendall joy November 16, 2005
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If something is incredibly dirty, seedy and disgusting it is described as being booth.
Yo, andrew is booth.
by Michael Perrior January 10, 2007
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the crib, the place where you live.
I wuz chiilin in da booth wit my posse.
by James March 6, 2005
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To be patronising in the extreme.
Innocent person: "Did you watch..."
boother: "No I didn't watch anything last night, so don't even begin to ask me what I watched last night. Because if you ask me what I asked last night, I'll say nothing, and then this will have been a total waste of time!"
Innocent bystander: "Say what?"
by innocent bystander May 22, 2004
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Yo, it's as hot as booth.
by P-Land November 16, 2003
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