where there should hug or not they dont really noe.
eg; they dont wanna hug that guy!
and yep

my sexy gals
by okaie. December 20, 2008
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1. When you stunt so hard, it hurts people’s feelings, making them wish they didn’t see you.

2. A threat implying there will be violence when you see your enemies.
1. I’m out here rockin’ this $5000 outfit. You dont wanna see me!

2. Haters talk a lot of shit but they know I got that thing on me. They don’t wanna see me with the heater!
by thatdudechino March 22, 2021
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A phrase used to tell someone to behave themselves, not be messy, not ruin the fun, etc.

The original phrase is from Ru Paul’s drag race UK season 2 where Joe black, in response to the judge’s critique of her outfit, jokingly says “it’s H&M” to which Ru later responds with “I dont wanna see any fucking H&M
Girl one: “So Cassidy is already drunk crying again, she’s kinda ruining our night out

Girl two: “omfg I told her before we left that I dont wanna see any fucking H&M
by Bwattz August 19, 2021
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When one refuses to complete the given task assigned to him/her by the authorative figure. Often in school.
Jordan: "I don't even wanna work..."
A.J.: "I don't know, what would I say?"
Brendan: "You're a titmouse."
by Brendan Cook May 21, 2004
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do it you lazy shit

it's due in 15 minutes and you've written a sentence haven't ya
"i dont wanna do my homework"
"what homework?"
by _xephyr May 19, 2022
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