RACHAEL is the superior spelling and the only way to spell RACHAEL
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She's as unique as her name and not afraid to stand out. Rachaels are a friend to all...no one is ever left out. Smart and intelligent...academics are important because she knows they will help her reach her dreams. Beautiful on the inside and out! Tough as steal on on the outside...but her heart does get broken (she just only shows that to those closest to her). Always has a smile for everyone...and is a great encourager! Loves to laugh and be silly...loves her friends so much...loves God even more. Family means everything! Rachaels will try anything..are great with athletics, in art & music...amazing! Rachaels take the bad in their life to make them stronger and have a confidence that each day will be better than the next. If you know a Rachael your life is blessed. If Rachael calls you friend...you have a true treasure!
"I am so proud to call Rachael my friend!"
"Rachael, you are just as uniquely amazing as your name!"
"She cracks me up...I love being around Rachael!"
by truthis February 18, 2012
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People with this name are amazing. They're perfect in every way. They're smart, pretty, beautiful and an all around amazing person. Being with this girl is like being with an angel. Seriously Rachaels are the best.
Friend 1: Dude I'm dating Rachael
Friend 2: Holy shit screw you I wish I was dating a rachael
by Desiboyz January 19, 2013
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The correct way to spell it

Big dick energy

Problay is brunette
Low key rlly pretty

Amazing personality but like super quirky

But always has some kinda shit going on
Yo wanna hang with Rachael

Sure let's see what's up up with her now
by Nanslefttiddie June 5, 2020
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One of those people who you know is special as soon as you meet her. She's fantastic. Sometimes you wonder why you never met a girl like her before but it really doesn't matter because she's in your life now.

She's smart and has a great sense of humor. Her music taste is fine as the champagne you drink with her on New Years. You'll know her when you meet her. She's incredibly beautiful. She takes your breath right away from you.

She is starting to realize that macs are better.
I stayed up all last night Skyping Rachael, and enjoyed every damn minute of it!

Rachael thinks her Dell can compare to a mac. WTF.
by The True Killah January 1, 2012
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A very rare type of women to find. Beautiful, smart, loyal, kind, sweet, paitent, considered to be what every guy wishes for. Isn`t a fighter but if wanted to could kick your ass. Fragile, gentle, lovable, can maintain a steady relationship without problems or any fighting, can give hugs to warm your heart and kisses to satisfy. She has eyes that are easy to get lost in, hair softer than fleece, skin as soft as a baby`s bottom, lips like candy, body chizzled from the gods, is basically the girl every guy dreams of.
Guy #1: So I heard you were dating someone, who is it?
Guy #2: Rachael.
Guy #1: Phuck you.

Guy #2: Don`t be a hater.
by Your phackin` mother. :) May 23, 2010
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The correct way too spell the name Rachael.
Rachael is awesome!
by RachLizDani May 31, 2009
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