General feeling up on people. Usually someone feeling someone's legs (or otherwise) under a table top or while making out.
Yo, man, my boyfriend kept groping my leg under the table! I was so embarassed.
by V For Victoria April 10, 2006
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to touch or fondle someone sexualy to get em horny!
i was over at my bfs house and halfway through making out he started groping my boobs really sexually. it felt so good so i groped his hard long cock
by sexyhornygirl May 27, 2009
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Groping usually occurs when a guy grabs a girl's boobs (wanted or unwanted) to arise him and get his girl horny.
by wikidictionary April 9, 2008
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To have sex or touch another in a sexual manner.
"Why are there so many cars parked along the side of the road towards the airport?"

"People groping before they get on their plane?"
by Janan July 1, 2005
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to touch another in an aggressively sexual way
he groped her uncontrollably during foreplay
by marilyn October 9, 2002
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To be felt on your private parts, i.e pussy, dick, boobs, butt, etc.
Donald Trump groped the young girl on the train
by Robes and ropes September 4, 2018
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to feel, fondle, caress, or otherwise touch with seeming or actual sexual intent
She said she was mad because some pervert tried to grope her at the dance.
by Light Joker September 18, 2005
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