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Plain and boring. Not exciting.
Mayor Williams' speech about our lack of senators was pretty bland.
by Diggity Monkeez January 12, 2005
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Plain and boring. Not exciting.
lacking strong features or characteristics and therefore uninteresting:
That Nikita girl is such a bland fuck
by farkeshaybruh October 29, 2017
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Dull or gray, tasteless or non-exciting, boring
Gerry : Amanda has been taking the most bland pictures in photography class lately

Jesse : Yeah dude, like that picture of just grass, she is such a bland person
by God2222 October 06, 2009
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A stereotypical blonde and tan girl. It's completely obvious that she is not naturally blond or tan due to her dark roots and and streaky legs.
A bland is most often seen toting a large designer bag, texting on her expensive cell phone, and/or sipping a drink from Starbuck's. Most blands wear short shorts and a tube top or a short sun dress that also shows off her augmented breasts.

Did you see that bland that just walked by? Her purse (if it is a purse and not a body bag) came down farther than her dress! She needs to get over herself.
by skimpy and poor February 01, 2009
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Don't let the name fool you. This man's personality and character are anything but bland. World-renowned penitentiary cook. Able to conjure culinary magic using a microwave. Even with the dust cloud from ReRun fouling the air, his cooking prowess is something like that of the Iron Chef. His appearance is best described as the adult version of Rollo Brown. Microphone afro head and all.
Person 1: Yo, you seen Bland?

Person 2: YOU ALREADY KNOW, that motherfucker cooking.
by RyanFNation October 07, 2018
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No color is bland. Doesn't mean white, not the same thing.
That guy doesn't get mad at or about anything, what a bland.
by Mr. 695-Miffles-bot May 15, 2018
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