One who sniffs a heinous amount of bland. (Bland as in ones own brand). Or one who enjoys blanding on other people.
1. Ronnie smiled delightfully as his bland blew across Shelisha's face and through her hair.
2. Ronnie: Shelisha, would you be inclined to sniffing my bland?
Shelisha: Of course, Ronnie!
Ronnie: (farts in her face)
3. Shelisha's bland sounded quite wet and produced a great amount of anal leakage on Ronnie's chest following their butt sex experimentation.
by Davey S. June 18, 2005
Watching girl on girl action, but with one of the aforementioned ladies much less attractive than the other
I went to Keiths the other night as he had some new lezzie films, in this one film this stunning blond bird was scissoring off with a double edged crystal wand with this right minger - it was a typical case of "Bland on Blond
by cheffykins August 8, 2010
The audience had been anticipating Clapton would close the concert with a soaring rendition of his number one megahit, not the bland finale of Layla performed on solo ukulele and a kazoo.
by Monkey's Dad February 27, 2020
When agirl gives you a blow job and a hand job simultaneously.
"I won't give you a blow job but I'll give you a bland job."
by Lauren is the shit March 16, 2008
Charlie Bland aka my hubby is the prod father of my son Jake and he is a patriotic Texas citizen who identifies as a banana.
Charlie Bland is the best hubby ever.
by Lucy Sinclair April 21, 2021
The shittiest teacher at Vincennes University. He is a not nice person and lets girls leave the classroom whenever they want.
"Hey brandy, would you like to leave today" said Mr. Bland
by @brandy16554 October 29, 2018
Mr Bland was one of the main character on homestarrunner's webpage and was about of the "Strongest Man in the World Contest" but he was crushed by a falling "Bubs Concession Stand" him and Senor were pretty much replaced with Bubs and are now forgotten characters.
Mr Bland: "Okay.. This is going really well." (gets crushed by some grapes while in the Strongest Man in the world Contest) "oh."
by Stephen DeFilippo December 2, 2006