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Someone who seems to know everyone wherever they go and is always shaking hands. A person of great popularity, but in a genuine way. Enjoys the company of, and well received by others. Floats among many cliques.
Nickname for someone of the above description.

"Here comes the Mayor."
by Onewould February 21, 2010
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a person that is very popular.
Dude! The girls are all over you. When did you become the mayor?
by Cane May 27, 2005
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MAYOR which is an acrinem for "mosh at you own risk" is common among metalcore/deathcore concerts. It maybe posted somewhere as meaning "if you are hurt while 'moshing' we are not held responsalbe". It is a very new term amongst people and probably will never catch on.
badass 1: Hey do you see that sign it says MAYOR, hahaha
badass 2: Whats mayor?
badass 1:You know "mosh at your own risk"
badass2: Ohh very clever
by state101 April 17, 2011
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mayor is a guy that is a "Gross ass buger" in Mexican
Damn dude you're so mayor...
by Mazzzizziziz September 01, 2017
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