Two words placed before a gross insult. Implies politeness but then delivers a brutal slam dunk to the recipient. Very British.
Dude 1: "You worthless motherfuckin' dawg!"
Dude 2: "You sir, are a cunt."

Liverpool Fan: "Eh, eh! Stuffed yer arse in the Cup Final!!"
West Ham Fan: "You sir, are a Scouse Wanker."
by Wizards Sleeve July 30, 2006
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A phrase used in retort towards an individual (typically male), who is behaving or acting in an undesirable or unsavory manner towards or around user (1).

Can also in certain instances be used to point out certain individual's clumsiness (2).
Bartender: "Tony, your drunk, I'm gonna have to cut you off..."

Tony: "Well... You sir, are a FUCK"

Bobby, stumbling around unaware of his surroundings, accidentally knocks over and spills Tony's beer.

Tony angrily proclaims, pointing his finger in Bobby's face; "You sir, are a FUCK!"
by A Big Dumb Animal March 9, 2011
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Unfunny spam copypasta posted on /b/
You, sir, are and idiot. :(
You, sir, are and idiot. :)
You, sir, are and idiot. :/
by LOLWUTANON September 20, 2008
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A less vulgar but extremely more insulting expletive than the traditional "F" bomb.
"Jake! Get your drunk lard ass out of bed!"

"Rebecca, Puck you sir"
by R. Master Flex April 15, 2009
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the last thing that pre civil war man heard from a colnel with a large grey moustache before he was slapped in the face with a glove. this led to a duel between two people and the person who won got free cornbread!
im a gentleman! so im gonna hit you with this glove and later blow your chest apart! gentlemens game!
by colnel May 24, 2004
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avoiding the real word fuck, as to not get in trouble.
beating around the bush with a swear word.

Jonah Takaluha


Jonah : puck you sir.
Principal : What was that Jonah.?
Jonah : i said puck you sir.
Principal : well Jonah you just broke your promise and now you have to go to the office.
Jonah: but sir i said puck you, not fuck you.. You homo.
by troymikeull October 18, 2011
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