boring or not fun; used to describe a party

the opposite of "live"
Mike: This party sucks.

George: I know, its so dull.

Mike: This is such a dull night.
by watermelonman123 November 20, 2011
opposite of lit.

A very boring party or social gathering.
After being at the party for a few minutes, Brooke texted her friends saying, "Don't come to the party, it's super dull."
by @EmilyTheFlannelGirl June 22, 2016
Not interesting or exciting in any way
She wrote dull, respectable articles for the local newspaper.
He's pleasant enough, but deadly dull.
by polakaw January 18, 2021
Dull is an adjective. Dull has two meanings. (1) Boring
(2) Not sharp
(1) “Man life can be dull sometimes!”
(2) “This knife is dull. You may need to sharpen it.”
by NerdyTes July 30, 2018
Welsh/UK slang

(adj): stupid, slow, 'not too bright'
"She's dull as fuck man."
by welshwords17 April 19, 2005
When you want to have a sexual relationship with someone but they're not willing to have it with you.
I got her flowers but she's still dulling me.
by Alexander90210 April 12, 2018