How a traditional male feels when a traditional female makes an unambiguous sexual overture.

See also flummoxed.
"Er, well, obviously, I'm flattered. Goodness, is that the time?"
by CougarSW2 November 19, 2004
A compliment that leaves one flattered.

Coined by "Glee" actor Chris Colfer via Tweet
Person 1: You look absolutely stunning.

Person 2: *blushes* Well, thank you for the flatterment
by dadiva1889 December 16, 2010
The act of flattering someone. Giving high praise to another person, especially false praise (glorifying things that are not true). Spending large amounts of time giving compliments to a particular person.
He likes flatterizing people he wants to impress.
by Red Sal November 12, 2015
flatterence, flattering, you get the gist.
I suppose I'll have to redirect my flatterance (def a word) to you
by d@rwin April 29, 2021
"dont flatter yourself."
"youre taking away from my flatterization."
by kate freeman May 13, 2008
worst in the world on gears of war, got beat by horizon 5-0
by Unkown1234 January 16, 2009
the act of being flattered by ones creepy stalking actions and/or words directed at you.
delia - omg so jake said he's going to surprise me with flowers...which is weird because i never see him?

jody - does he ever see you?

delia - yeah he said he knows my whole schedule! isn't that cute?

jody - dude don't be so stalk - flattered...
by mylove2011 December 18, 2010