Slang for the city of Grand Rapids. Home of the conservative, dutch, the conservative dutch, hipsters and everyone in between.

See also:

Grand Raggedy
Bland Rapids
Grand Crapids
armpit of the universe
I hate going to Bland Crapids.
by JenThe80'sFan August 6, 2004
A girl with no defining features, comes off a production line. As plain as bulk vanilla ice cream from a large tub. eg.10 things i hate about you chick, julia stiles, not Larisa Oleynik.....sheeessss hottt!.
man that girl is like, go-able but....she's just bland, there's nothing there. watta bland chick! ..another that movie julia styles flashes the teacher...whith what? asking pisses me off...
by laurozza September 19, 2007
Charlotte is one of the co founders of the washing machine religion and is the daughter of LiQuISha and ratty Rodger she is also Lucy sinclairs twin and emis little sister and Leocy dims step sis
Charlotte bland is a orange 🍊
by End proppy May 8, 2021
A set of design and brand guidelines created for a company by an evidently boring and talentless artworker. They’re so dull you wonder how the designer ever got their job. They probably went to art college on daddy’s money as no talent for anything else.
OMG, have you seen the new Scottish Tourism Bland Guidelines Peter sent through? They’re awful.
by User1893 January 30, 2023
A tash bland is when a person is very beautiful both inside and out. A tash bland can be strong independent and very intelligent. They have many friends, and many want to be like them,
Girl : I'm so insecure
Boy: But why, you look like a tash bland..'
by illnevertellllllllllllllllll October 28, 2010
A white American who lacks swagger, not the kind of man you see on the dance floor but the kind of man you expect to see going to watch the masters in Augusta.
Thomas is such a bland white, him and his wife Emily only play batgammon.
by Realfamsord May 4, 2022