Falling asleep on XBOX Live, preferably in a party with your friends.
Where happened to Joe?
He probably pulled a bert with his hand in a bag of chips.

You better not do a bert again tonight.
by fathony marshall September 26, 2011
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Bert or burt
when you can see right down a girls cleavage
when a girls cleavage is clearly on display
This group of guys see a girl where she has a low top and they could see a quite clearly her boob
Once one see's her boobs, they will say bert/burt in a loud voice. Not shouting it out just saying it rather clear and letting other people who know of the meaning of the word that there is a girl with her tits showing
by Anonymous Pete October 03, 2009
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A shmexy fellow who will probably move to a different school after being at you school for maybe a month. He acts gay but that okay because it's Bert and you have to love that stupid cutie. Total ladies man, sweet as a pickle.
Girl: "Omg who's that?"
Guy: "Oh, that's Bert, we use to be friends in Elementary."
Girl: "Well damn, he's cute."
by Astrogirl435 April 02, 2016
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V. To utilize inappropriate materials and methods to repair a damaged object.

Term originated to describe the quality of work done by a friend's father - Bert covered their whole roof with duct tape to seal a leak instead of just replacing the shingles.
That guy totally Berted that roof - who would ever think that someone would use actually use $300 worth of duct tape to fix a roof leak?
by Bert's Neighbor September 03, 2006
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a nameless kid at a party.

When doing a girl anal you pull out and leave a shit stain inbetween the eyebrows...Like a unibrow
Yo bert how much beer you got?

Yo bitch I gave you a Bert.

Artie Sanchez gave Joe Cool a Bert.

by Ayo Mo'Connell March 19, 2008
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A name for a cat that means he is cute,intelligent , loves going outside (not in the cold though) , and is everything you would ever want in a cat.
Man, that cat is everything he must be named bert.
by apersonthatsnotnamednicole January 28, 2019
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