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A get-together called a 'gathering' instead of a party, just in case people don't turn up and it turns out to be.. well.. pretty dull.
We're having a gathering Saturday night. Wanna come?
by Bec December 13, 2003
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the name you give a party when your 'rents are sick of your social life
"hey mum can i please go to sarah's gathering?"
by lautra August 04, 2008
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a social event, such as a party or a kickback, but without alcohol or any such drugs.
ayy bro i'm hitting up this brood gathering tonight.
by mahtrippinbro July 07, 2011
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An uber kind of party which some guys invented and once in a while throw.
It is proudly a mangueira party.
I could say that it is an occasion where these guys drink, consume substances that make them laugh, philosophate, talk about all kinds of issues and even cry sometimes, but ill not because "what happens in the Gatherings stays that way !"
Pessoal quando é a próxima Gathering ?


Gathering saturday? sure thing Ill bring the booze
by Rippert December 14, 2008
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A weekly meeting of the lads Originaly held on a friday nights in Frosts trailor-tent coss I think it was the only time Al was aloud out to play, but now they happen like 4 times a week in a viriaty of places like Bosses house on thursdays, Frost house on a week end, and Joes house most Fridays.

Can invole alot of beef and often high quanties of alcohol (if Garton turns up that is)
D:"I know whats going on!"

Garton:"I DONT! I LOVE GATHRINGS! WOOOOOOOO!.....Now pay me for the motorhead ticket so I can get wasted!"

D:"Ok then"
by revenant April 27, 2004
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Typically a collection of 2 or more individual people. In many cases, one's name may be Kerri resulting in a somewhat youthful atmosphere.
Kerri plans on going to a gathering.
by taka January 08, 2005
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The act or process of gathering porn for your porn collection. This is a practice used by hardcore porn fans.
Person 1: Hey bro why are you hiding your pone screen?
Person 2: I'm just gathering for my Calculator + app
Person 2: Bro we are in public! wtf
by dat_walking_meme January 22, 2019
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