verb: to flail, squee, generally get excited by anything adam lambert does, wears, sings, is around.
omg adam lambert is at the party!" "time to bert!
by glitterlife April 12, 2011
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A random dude who remains nameless to you, usually at a party or other gathering.
Yo Bert, is that your half-empty beer?
by foozebox August 02, 2005
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Any random old guy you see on the street, especially a weird-looking/badly behaved one. Often used together with descriptors such as "beer gut Bert", "ugly sweater Bert" and "angry Bert".
Dirty Bert over there just grabbed a boob!
by meowlnir July 02, 2016
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Multiple Usage

Term used for misfortune, badluck, substandardness.

Org: Originates from Derry in Northern Ireland where a local chip shop, named Berty O'Neills, famed for its bad chips, was coined into a phrase for most bad things.

Original the whole term was used.
"Went to see a movie. It was pure berty o'neills".

Later shortend to "Berties".
"Drinking alcholic free beer is pure berties"

and finally to Bert.
"Went up the town and all the shops where closed. Pure bert"

Can also be used:

"Did you see that bert. He just flipped his berty bike and landed on his head. Bert one"

trans: "Did you see that idiot. He just flipped his stupid bike and landed in his head. Shit one"

berty - Used before a person, place, thing
Bert One - Shit one
Bertness - Shityness
Ya Bert - You Idiot.
by Gerard Harkin April 15, 2006
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A code name used when talking about your boss in public. This protects you from the unlikely event that the person at the next table is the boss' next door neighbour, brother, in-law or tennis partner.
Joe: "I hear Bert's new girlfriend has a bit of a coke habit"

Gary: "I'd like to hang that prick over a river of burning acid and give scissors to the last 5 people he has destroyed".

Joe: "Yeah, me too. I hate Bert"
by 4sail July 17, 2006
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What you yell at passing joggers, walkers or bicyclers if, in your opinion are being or looking goofy, or just retarded.
Me: *Drives by a stupid looking jogger*
Me: โ€œLook at that guy, he almost tripped!โ€
You: *Opens car window*
You: โ€œBERT!โ€
Jogger: *looks over with retarded face*
by Liam Boldwin April 29, 2018
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