name given to one whose character cannot be described by words alone.
that guy is incredible. i cant even describe it. he's just nameless.
by Johnny 2 by 4. October 16, 2008
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That one russian sand nigger that always somehow scams you but you still pay him.
bazhar - "Bro i just paid nameless for his TCP server"
bukky - "ahahahahaha you got scammed bro hes exited 24 times now"
by top alpha male bazhar May 23, 2020
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A popular song created by Lil Keed, an Atlanta based rapper signed to Young Thug's label
That song Nameless by Keed got me saying, hey hey hey
by Sanjay Anand March 24, 2019
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Screwing up something so bad that there is no way to recover from the mistake and gain back your integrity.
She's really namelessing the song.
by Namers April 6, 2011
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Derived from the ultimate God game of Games: Deus Ex. The Nameless Mod (TNM) was created by a group of gaming enthusiasts over a period of seven (yes, SEVEN) years. DEDICATION FTW. It is based around an internet forum city, where you play the protagonist, an ex-moderator called Trestkon. You choose which side to play on. You choose your friends, and your enemies. The game relies on your sneaking, spying, tricking, fighting, outwitting and outsmarting the other side.

Warren Spector (creator of Deus Ex) personally lauded this mod in the Off Topic Productions forum.
Australian PC PowerPlay magazine gave it a 9/10.
TNM also made first place Mod DB's Editor's Choice for Single-Player Mod of the Year.
I've finished playing Deus Ex, now what do I do with my life?
Play The Nameless Mod, bro!
Duh, of course!!
by Grammarrrr April 17, 2011
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