When your friend is acting wierd, act like dosen't know him
When you are in a sewer
Me: Look, there are shits over there, It disgusting
Friend: smells good to me
Me: This is so embarrasing
Friend: THere's nobody down here
Me: Being with you is a embarrasment of a lifetime
by smertieboi February 22, 2019
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When your new cadets start to show any signs of fatigue after 50 four count pushups.
"how do you expect to show up to the military academy and you can't even do 100 pushups you are embarrasing yourself "
by NoBarkAllBite 1stSquad August 17, 2019
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When you barred your friend from singing cuz he sucks, he sounds like a bunch of rumbling boulders.
That guy is freakin embarrasing, that's why i told him to shut up or he sounds like Blackbolt.
by Silent anger January 25, 2015
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Geographically Embarrased:

Lost, bushed, disoriented, misplaced, all at sea, mispositioned
The officer took charge of the compass and the map, and via his officer training in navigation, soon the platoon geographically embarrased in the middle of the boonies.
by chaucer_had_it_coming March 31, 2010
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When a "dumb ass motha fucka" makes a remark generally disagrred upon by the whole group is told not only to shut the fuck up. But also is informed that the malarky that crossed his lips was gay and "how fucking embarrasing". Coined by the Mean family although many tr to steal rights fortheir own they can go suck a fatty. Thug Life Bitch.
Josh: Dezis tits are eqaul to that of a no slope.
AJ: She is IHOP
Jordan: Reminds me off Little House on The Prairie
Adam: yeah shes gay
Josh: ...... how fucking embarrasing stfu.
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