Crazy Bitches Be Crazy, a universal acceptance that any bitch who is crazy is bound to live up to that craziness
ohh well CBBC
by zombievette August 12, 2011
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Highly addictive TV produced by the BBC for children but actually targeted at adults as a babysitting device. Questionable characters in certain programs include PC Plum and Archie the inventor from Balamory.
'Stop crying and watch some Balamory'
by dpme December 23, 2004
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the childrens end of the bbc and prides itself on quality kids programming. A pity then that all the programs are and shit and badly written and feature accursed modern culture. The work of the devil!
Fuck the presenters, fuck shoebox zoo, fuck I dream, fuck Tracy Beaker and especially fuck Hard spell abbey. Who thought speeling would be a good idea for a show?!
by TheLastAngryBrit December 12, 2004
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CBBC Channel - Childrens television channel on satellite and cable television in england. from the BBC.

The chav equivelant of a babysitter or child minder
Chav Parents: "Lets go out nick a car, get drunk, take drugs and leave the kids infront of the CBBC Channel" - we would like to be able to afford cartoon network, disney and nickelodeon but cant.
by djchrissy August 20, 2004
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