Just generally trippin', tweakin', weird, actin' a fool, blackin' out, goin' off. Not necessarily due to drugs, though that's the obvious reference.
Homie was on one, just buggin' like I shot his mom or something.
by Kuahmel January 23, 2009
to be under the influence of methamphetamines
i heard joe's been on one for the past three days
by Leya Fish January 20, 2003
To be under the influence of methamphetamines AKA ice,meth,speed,dope,etc.
Tuttie's on one man, he been smokin' ice all week!
by rooster760 March 1, 2005
Just broke up with my girl and this alone time has me feelin' on one right now.
by Fresh Livin' May 5, 2015
to be high, faded, to have just smoked weed.
My man James was on one at the party.
by metalgearray February 20, 2005
horny randy upforit madforit gaggingforit right-on-it etcetc
see above
by jeff May 4, 2003
An informal code of street fighting, not allowing bystanders to interfere in the fight.
Hey bitch-ass, let's square it up one-on-one in the midldle of the street!
by PGrace August 5, 2003