1. Song by Genesis
2. Dance only performed by the truest.
3. Dance includes:
a. Overexaggerating the "IIIIII!!!"
in the "I can't dance" lyric.
b. Slowly walking in a straight
line of about 4 people moving
each arm and leg forward at the
same time (e.g. right hand
forward, right leg forward)

To master the dance, watch Genesis' "I Can't Dance" video repeatedly.
"IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII can't dance, IIIIIII can't walk"
by G January 19, 2005
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Walking slowly stetching hands forward according to your steps (right foot - right hand, left foot - left hand)
Well, you know what I mean, don't ya?
Heeeeeeey! Let's do the i can't dance! It's sheer fun!
by CatherineInRock February 27, 2004
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