Nicki Minaj- "Yo I just love all my fans ! You are my barbs !"
by C.Invee November 27, 2010
1.) Something that will cut the hell out of you!

2.) A shortened version of Barbara, who is a very insane women who cant stop laughing and enjoys tampon applicators!
dude: Whoa those barbs cut me so deep im bleeding my insides!

Guy 1: "..."
by brian keith williams March 22, 2007
A pejorative Filipino term for people who knowingly ignore others or put them on mute.
"Di ako pinansin ni crush kanina." "AY NABARBS BWAHHAHAHAHA"
by Oberst Fischer November 10, 2022
a pointy toy used for murder
D- Jason just used that barbe to kill Alex!
S- Lets call the police
by Jacie Janes October 9, 2019
It means understand and is very famous in Ghana and some other West African countries.
Yo chale(<< means dude), the momo(<<means mobile money transfer)no come through ,dat be why the move no sauce(<<means succeed) , you barb?
by Laaawwwd April 20, 2021
Beautiful hair and aleck. Strong personality
dont mess with her. loyal friend.
Barb is hot
by unicorn6482 February 3, 2010