When you get below a D but above an E.
Other kid: "Wow, I got an E... At least I didn't get an F and fail..."
by tmkkmt February 12, 2019
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Term often used on cyberspace especially craigslist to denote Drugs and Disease free while seeking a partner
Please be D and D or D&D free
by Prncezz July 19, 2006
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The creators of Game Of Thrones, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Although after the clusterfuck of the last season it is safe to just assume "dumb and dumber"
Jon: Did you see what D and D did to the recent Game of Thrones?

Jaime: It just gets dumb and dumber.
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Done for the Day; to conclude the workday and prepare for a relaxing evening at home.
At 4 PM, Justin was D for the D.
by mistuhry December 8, 2014
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c. 1970s -> present

One of the original Roleplaying games on which the framework of many newer RP and TC, and MMORP games are based.

Dungeons and Dragons was originally played almost exclusively by males 13 years and above, being especially popular with high-school and college-aged males. Over its 30-year lifespan, however, the game has been play by males and females alike, all of widely varying ages.

The following is an excerpt from the original TSR First Edition (Revised) Dungeon Masters Guide, p.9:

"Advanced Dungeons amd Dragons is first and foremost a game for the fun and enjoyment of those who seek to use imagination and creativity. This is not to say that the highest degree of realism hasn't been attempted, but neither is a serious approach to play discouraged. In all cases, however, the reader should understand that AD&D is designed to be an amusing and diverting pastime, something which can fill a few hours or can consume endless days, as the participants desire, but in no case something to be taken seriously. For fun, excitement, and captivating fantast, AD&D is unsurpassed. As a realistic simulation of things from the realm of make-believe, or even as a reflection of medieval or ancient warfare or culture or society, it can be deemed only a dismal failure. Readers who seek the latter must search elsewhere. Those who desire to create and populate imaginary worlds with larger-than-life heroes and villains, who seek relaxation with a fascinating game, and who generally believe games should be fun, not work, will hopefully find this system to their taste."

The object of the game is, as stated above, to create and populate imaginary worlds with characters of your own creation. Although pre-fashioned (or "canned") worlds, scenarios and characters can be obtained, many seasoned players greatly prefer to create their own.

The basic game requires the following supplies, along with a Dungeon Master (DM) and at least one player:

- A Dungeon Masters Guide
- A Players Handbook
- A Monster Manual
- A Set of D&D Dice
(4, 6, 8, 12, 20, 100 sided)
- Paper
- Pen/Pencil
Haley's D&D character is an elf thief.
by Rabid Spooky October 29, 2003
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