A B52 is an injection of 3 different drugs that is usually used on psych patients, or patients that are being combative.

It is usually given IM (intramuscular)
It consists of the following 3 meds

• Benadryl 50mg
Haldol 5mg
Ativan 2mg

It has a very calming and sedative effect on patients and very often puts them to sleep.
That patient in room 8 is flipping out!
They need a B52.. Stat!

The patient in room 8 is taking a nice little B52 nap. They needed the rest and so did we!

I think you need to B52 that patient before he starts hitting people and totally flipping out.
by Night.ER.Ninja July 27, 2014
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n. Process of defecation whereby the subject will hang from the adjacent walls of a cubicle and eject faeces into the toilet.

A childish prank often performed for a mere laugh.

Named after a military aircraft named a B52 which dropped aerial bombs from up high.

Alternatives: B.52, B52
"I couldn't help but do a B52 at Walmart. I hate that place"
by Refreshment Boxx April 03, 2010
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1. Big-ass war planes that dropped big-ass bombs on Vietnam.
2. Pop band with hits like Rock Lobster and Love Shack.
1. GI Joe drop big bomb-B52...we die.

2. How did The B52s ever get a record deal?...seriously!
by thedzone October 08, 2009
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The act of hanging from the top of a stall in a comunal restroom, ass down, in order to defficate "from above".
"dude I just b52'd"
"well did you hit your mark"
"boy did I,it was like droping neghpalm duering the Vietnam war...god dam explosive diariea!"
by B52 in school May 06, 2007
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Term giving to the sheer size of a drugs bomb, normally done with mkat (meow) in capsule form. After consuming a B52 expect to be wiped out for a few hours. Not for the faint hearted.
Man he just done a B52 Bomb, he's gunna be gurning for hours.
by B52 expert May 17, 2013
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