bein really tired or having no money
wiped out on funds.

my units are all wiped out.

im goin back to my nest to wipeout
by spanky May 25, 2003
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Wipe Out - Used to demonstrate a call to destroy or exterminate
"Those incels need to be wiped out"
"They need to be wiped out if they don't learn our culture"
by Tyrant the SME September 5, 2019
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Can be used as:

noun. A crash.
verb. To crash.
Snowflake didn't make that last turn on his bike and wiped out big time!
by mikwat June 6, 2004
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1) Someone who is currently high on Ecstasy ( usually behaving in a fashion to make this abundantly apparent)
2) Someone who regularly takes Ecstasy
Clarke was an obvious wipe out as he continued to munch on his already haemorrhaged inside lip whilst moving his arms like a deranged windmill.
by Kaiseraph December 26, 2008
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The effect of taking an ecstasy pill or MDMA
“Im so wiped out
Yeah mate, that MDMA blew my head off”
by Becky4 November 7, 2018
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to trip and fall while running. Usually this is caused by tripping over one's own feet, or tripping over an object on the ground, such as a tree branch.
1. Peggy was doing fine running the marathon until she wiped out at mile 14. Fortunately, she just got up and kept running.

2. I hope I don't wipe out in the 5k tomorrow.
by PeggyWipeOut August 11, 2009
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A hacker who enjoys wiping out computers after stealing information.
A wipe-out hacker is a piece of human garbage!
by Word Madman March 22, 2019
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