The grotesque face a person or creature pulls when they are absolutely fucking pinging.
James: Fuckin hell boys that's a mad pill.
*10 mins later*
James: gurning
by weaponised_autism July 14, 2019
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The muscle tension in the face that usually ends up with the jaw and tongue rolling and teeth grinding as a result of amphetamines.
Argh, I'm gurning! My jaw's gonna hurt in the morning!
by Nekromekanik May 22, 2005
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The uncontrollable mouth movement caused by certain drugs. without the aid of chewing gum can result in serious interior mouth damage.
mate these pills are banging, got some proper gurning going on
by rooney425 July 11, 2008
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symptoms: sometimes tight jaw syndrome and the abilty to waffle bollox.
by fluff ball September 2, 2003
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ok aaron stop your gurning
by Gavin November 19, 2003
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To suck in your pee before it comes out.
Im gurning because im in someone`s house
by butt face fred October 13, 2007
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The act of ones jaw vibrating, clenching or protruding. This happens whilst under the influence of various drugs such as MDMA, Ecstasy, Speed etc. The morning after gurning all evening is very painful, and this is how people ruin their teeth on drugs.

The person who is under the influence usually chews on gum to stop themselves clenching or to stop their constant chomping on their bare teeth.

Too much gurning can lock-up your jaw in which it cannot move at all.
"I was on a major gurn out last night, mate."

"I've fucked my teeth from gurning"
by Crumpits March 30, 2009
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