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n. The bodily feature where a woman's lower abdomen and vulva extend outward due to the woman's obesity.

Generally the condition is predominant on older, fat women. The idea is that the gut and the cunt merge and protrude outwards.

Gunts can be hazardous in preventing the deployment of airbags in cars.

To check if you have a gunt:

1. Place both hands out in front of you.
2. Bend wrists and face palms towards the face and make sure tips of middle fingers touch.
3. Slowly begin by bringing your hands down towards a vertical position at the waist.
4. After bringing the hands down 60 degrees, if they become obstructed or continue to caress the stomach for the remanding 30 degrees, (without changing the configuration of your hands in Step 2) then you have a gunt.
"Check out that woman in KFC, what a disgusting Gunt"

"Sorry lady, if you want to go on another date, your going to have to get on the treadmill and lose the gunt"

"If it wasn't for Cheryls gunt getting in the way of the airbag, she would still be alive today"
by Refreshment Boxx April 5, 2010
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Green Lake is a lake situated in Rotorua, New Zealand, resting between Blue Lake, and Lake Tawarewa. The Maori name for the lake is Lake Rotokakahi.

Another alternative name for Green Lake is the 'Lagua del Theviere', or translated literally into the 'Lake of Thieves'. This name was given by the Spanish explorer, Pedro Martinez III in 1812, who named it after the Maori people, who are essentially thieves, burglars, and robbers.

Currently, taxpayers are not allowed easy access to Green Lake because of the Maoris. However this is not a major problem as access would cause victimisation to the taxpayer, by way of theft, robbery, rape, graffiti and whinging about Tangater Fenua.
"Hey, I went down to the Lagua del Theviere the other day"

"The Green Lake?"

"Yes, hence why I have no shoes, empty pockets and a black eye"
by Refreshment Boxx April 4, 2010
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- noun, plural: -ties

1. The state or quality of being in conformity with Negroid sub-species.

2. Attachment to or observance of Negroid characteristics.

3. Usually, negralities. A duty or obligation imposed by Negroid characteristics.
"The negrality of that gentleman is a cause of great concern."

"The negrality of that person is supposedly Zulu."
by Refreshment Boxx April 2, 2010
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A word used to describe a particular style of tracksuit trousers. Although the trouser is not specific in any brands or manufacturers, it details a 100% cotton trouser, often with a fleece like insert.

What distinguishes a maori puff tracksuit from any other tracksuit trouser is the large, thick puffy, up most part of the trouser where the elastic runs and drawstring is contained. The puff generally has a width of about 4 centimetres and has a depth of about 2 centimetres. The puffs length is determined by the size of the garment, and runs full circumference.

The name maori puff can be drawn from them being typically worn by Mãori people and also Tropical persons. Mostly found in a flecked grey or faded green colour.

Can be used as a pronoun or noun, or adjective.
Pronoun:"The offender was definitely wearing a pair of Maori Puffs"

Noun: "The offender was definitely wearing some Maori Puff tracksuit trouser"

Adjective: "Hi, do these pants come in Maori Puff?"
by Refreshment Boxx October 3, 2010
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n. BHSc

Professional person, qualified in performing a negrotomy.

Negrotomists are responsible for maintaining a regular and fluid application of negrolysis.

Negrotomists are referred on for a negrotomy by a negrologist.
"The negrotomist will give you an initial application of 2-5-6 Delta-Hydride Moxytrophaline Helix then proceed with the electrical genotypical administration."

"I qualified from A.U.T. as a negrotomist in 1997"
by Refreshment Boxx April 4, 2010
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n. Process of defecation whereby the subject will hang from the adjacent walls of a cubicle and eject faeces into the toilet.

A childish prank often performed for a mere laugh.

Named after a military aircraft named a B52 which dropped aerial bombs from up high.

Alternatives: B.52, B52
"I couldn't help but do a B52 at Walmart. I hate that place"
by Refreshment Boxx April 4, 2010
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n. A fart or series of farts (plu. Pilot Farts), that exist in the bowel ahead of a piece of crap (ass-tern) that virtually escort a large clump of faeces through the colon and out of the anus. They are most recognisable when one feels the need to have a dump and a series of pre-farts begin evacuating the ass hole. Scientists believe this is due to the plunger or piston mechanism of the faecal loaf seal that compresses and forces air through the bowels.

A notable feature of the Pilot Fart, is the remarkably nauseating and revoltingly disgusting smell they discharge. This is believed to be as a result of the fart having direct physical contact with the faecal loaf while inside the rectum, which causes micro particles of crap to dislodge and become airborne and suspended in the fart - which is detected once the ejected fart enters the nasal cavity of the 'smeller', lodging itself on the sensory cells and being absorbed into the 'smellers' blood stream.

The name Pilot Fart is believed to have originated due to the manner in which the flatulent air runs ahead of the turd, much like a wide load lorry or an escorting tug boat.
"I think I need to use the bathroom soon. I'm starting to have pilot farts"

"Here I sit, broken hearted
Went to s*** but Pilot farted.
Now's the time, to take my chance,
went to fart but s*** my pants."
by Refreshment Boxx October 22, 2013
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