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Crude term describing the age range that females are able to menstruate and make babies thus are considered attractive or available; also know as bleeding age...from about 13-50 years of age.
I been courting girls of breeding age cuz then they is legal.

Them old crows over yonder is past bleeding age...darn.
by thedzone October 5, 2009

A gringo term for getting the runs from visiting Mexico
and being a dumb gringo and drinking the tap water, or eating spicy food...silly gringo...oops I'm a gringo.
Honey do we have any Pepto I just got Montezuma's revenge?
by thedzone October 4, 2009
Back in the good old days, some Jack in the Box workers would throw in a free gift like a balloon after you ordered food. Later you could buy items of their now forgotten characters: Onion Ring Thing, Hambugermeister, Small Fry, Secret Sauce Agent and Jack.
Hey what's this in my bag?...a Jack in the Box surprise...cool!
by thedzone October 7, 2009
A complete ass-kissing brown-nose willing to do almost anything to benefit from his superior.
Those middle-management suckups are at it again trying to get my job by kissing the boss's ass!!!

She's such a suckup...her nose is brown!

She broke all the rules and didn't get in trouble from the boss--what a suckup!!

That suckup is such a teacher's pet doing extras for bonus points--oooooh i'm so impressed!
by thedzone September 24, 2009
Approx. 50 foot high 100 foot wide slide that was a family amusement before they invented water slides. It was shaped like a wave with about three humps. You paid a small fee and slid down. 1960s fad the went under due to lack of interest and law suits.
Wanna go on the Super Slide?
Here we go!
by thedzone October 12, 2009
New nickname for any crappy Asian restaurant: Based on the South Park restaurant City Wok...pronounced " shitty wok " by the owner.
Have you ever eaten at Ching Chong Chinaman?

Hell no! That's a shitty wok!!!
by thedzone October 10, 2009
Late 1970s term for a male dressed like a disco dancer.

It was mostly an insult but was sometimes used in jest or for an ego boost. Often yelled at a male with new disco-like clothes or a new haircut in the John Travolta style or a guy on the dance floor trying to emulate him.
Nice Travolta haircut Noah!...you trying to be Danny Disco?
Hey Danny Disco! Stop making moves on my girl!!
Watch-out guys--tonight I'm Danny Disco!!!
by thedzone October 5, 2009