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Taken from the old Joe Palooka comic strip: a big boxer hero that helped fight the bad guys.

The word palooka has now become somewhat of a negative term usually preceded by the word "big".

Large man, clumsy man, oaf, fighter, bully, brawler.

Somewhat of a slang term.
Get away from me ya big palooka.

Stop acting like a big palooka.

Go outside if ya wanna fight ya big palooka!

Who do ya think ya are: Palooka Joe?
by thedzone September 23, 2009
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Ear-piercing cackle a woman makes for attention usually within a group of other women. Often heard at restaurants.
I wish that lady with the chicken laugh would shut up!

Hear that chicken laugh?...must be a bunch of women over there.

Dude, you sound like a girl with that chicken laugh!
by thedzone October 4, 2009
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Old term for making a mistake.

Ususally phrased "pulled a boner".

Why the word bone or boner means mistake, I have no idea:

Perhaps from accidentally hitting your funny bone, acting like a bonehead; or a grave robber pulling out a bone instead of jewels from a grave...just guessing!

Nowadays if you tell someone you "pulled a boner" they might think you are gay if you are a man or horny if you are a woman!
They really pulled a boner when they hired that bozo to run the steam roller: he flattened a BMW!

I thought that black guy on the phone was white--pulled a boner on that one!

Don't pull a boner this time you dope!
by thedzone September 26, 2009
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Crude term describing the age range that females are able to menstruate and make babies thus are considered attractive or available; also know as bleeding age...from about 13-50 years of age.
I been courting girls of breeding age cuz then they is legal.

Them old crows over yonder is past bleeding age...darn.
by thedzone October 5, 2009
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A grumpy old man meaner than a codger or geezer.

He yells rules at you like:" If you break that you gotta pay for it!!"

...or..." Didn't you see the sign on my lawn: KEEP OFF THE GRASS?!!!"

A very mean old man who pissed you off because you really didn't do anything to him!
That old curmudgeon called the cops on me for knocking on his door!!!

That curmudgeon next door just gave me the finger!

That curmudgeon over there accused me of breaking his window and says he gonna sue!!!
by thedzone September 22, 2009
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Mean small dog that yipes all day long...all night long.

Little dogs you want to kill cuz they never shut up.

Yorkies, Pekinese, wiener-dogs poodles...etc.
I wish that yiper across the street would shut up: one of these days I'm gonna squash it like a pumpkin!
by thedzone October 10, 2009
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1. A stranger in a strange land.
2. One from a different country.
3. In the Midwest and Southern US many people are considered foreigners if they are from a different state, county, or town.
4. A successful Rock band named Foreigner.
1. I am foreign to this area.
2. I hate those foreigners who don't speak English.
3. Now lookie here... we don't want none of them foreigners from Jackson County 'round here!
4. Sorry dude, I got so drunk at the Foreigner concert that I crapped my pants.
by thedzone October 6, 2009
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