The act of not putting out at a party, specifically for girls. Can also refer to a crack team of cock blocking friends that travel in packs to protect one another.
The girl had some tight security, so I didn't get laid.
by Wingman, 1st Degree May 24, 2006
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1: A small town attatched to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Just as a dung beetle must still have an asshole, so must the home of James Dobson and Focus on the Family have a place to dump their trash.

2: Adj. The concept of safety, as one might feel when inside of a bulldozer demolishing government buildings, or when hiding beneath a tractor-trailor from police officers.

3: N. The organization devoted to finding undesirables on the property of a private organization. These persons are also referred to as "rent-a-cops" and "those guys with the flashlights oh man hide the stash oh man oh man I'm so high oh man look at the lights oh... hey who are those guys" in general conversation.

4: A part of someone's financial portfolio.
Security! Escort these hooligans from my property. With a taser.
by Shuffle September 13, 2005
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A state of being which, according to reputable sources, is threatened by The Labour Party. This state applies to our nation, our economy, and your family.
"The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family's security." - Every Conservative to appear in the media since 12/09/2015
by redmears October 28, 2015
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