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A lawyer that specializes in retaining clients based on their injuries sustained from a car wreck; even if there were not any real injuries.
That damn attorney is nothing but an ambulance chaser. He has his client wearing a soft cervical collar even though they don't have a neck injury.
by Night.ER.Ninja July 27, 2014
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A very educated and talented person in the field of emergency medicine.

Someone who is quick, sufficient, and very well versed in every aspect of the emergency room.

A person that works in the ER that has mastered everything and is therefore a ninja in the ER.
Preston really knows his stuff, he is quintessentially an ER Ninja.

Did you see that ER Ninja? He was so fast in taking care of that difficult situation he practically made it disappear.
by Night.ER.Ninja July 27, 2014
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To treat and street, otherwise known as Treat em' and Street em' is a colloquial term used in emergency medicine meaning to take care of the patient and discharge them in a quick manner.
Ed and Preston are the kings of Treat and Street; they can clean out the whole ER in no time.
by Night.ER.Ninja July 28, 2014
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Acronym: NAD is a medical term meaning 'No Apparent Distress'.
Doctors Note:
This patient is complaining of difficulty breathing but is in NAD.
by Night.ER.Ninja July 26, 2014
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• The act of faking an illness to avoid being taken to jail.

• The inflammation of feeling related to not wanting to be arrested.

• The use of a lie to try to keep from being incarcerated.
That patient in room 4 isn't really sick, he just has incarceritis.

Did you see the EKG of that incarceritis chest pain patient? It's practically text-book perfect!
by Night.ER.Ninja July 26, 2014
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1) A person who always asks a lot of questions and your advice, yet never takes your advice.

2) A person who is generally annoying due to amount of questions they ask.
Oh my god, he is such an askhole, he always asks for advice and does whatever he was going to do anyway.
by Night.ER.Ninja August 18, 2014
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