person wanting to be a gang banger
he aint no banger he's just a fag gunna be
by nick notorious gunna be November 2, 2005
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The rapper that's featured in so many songs that he doesn't have time to make his own music.
"Hey, do you know who Gunna is?"
"Yeah, he was featured in one of Lil Mosey's songs.
"Isn't he the guy who featured in Strings too?"
by wtab November 16, 2019
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Gunna is a morbidly obese Atlanta rapper. He is known for kidnapping kids in the metro ATL area
"I heard gunna got kicked out of 4pf because of his obesity"
by Mrwalkdown September 16, 2020
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An action verb used by kids, slang for going to
IF my mom catches me I'm gunna get it!
by jjsmotk October 24, 2007
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A person who is being referred to as a shooter, someone who is in charge of holding and firing a gun/firearm.
Person 1: Aye you heard about Taz and how he say he going to do a drive by on the trap.
Person 2: Hell yeah...
Person 1: What's your next move?
Person 2: Ain't no use of sweat'n the situation, I already have a gunna ready when nedded.

Person 1: Oh word?!
Person 2: Word.
by Akiwi the Sauce Goddess December 12, 2018
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The term you use when you already ate a lot, but u STILL hungry. The term was developed after gunna (Atlanta rapper) got his fat ass all over young thug’s birthday cake. 🤦🏽 ♂️
“Are you hungry?” “Yea I’m gunna.”
by Brainless- July 13, 2021
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a lame ass rapper from atlanta. all he do is copy young thugs sound and snitch. he also a obese ass nigga at 400 pounds
i aint ever heard a single nigga say "put on that new gunna" in the car
by 4kt_tez May 30, 2020
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