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The problems one experiences when the food they have eaten does not "agree" With them. Often causing diarrhea, the runs, and gas. Made by combining "Issue" and "Ass".
After eating all that mexican food i'm having mad assues.

I was late for the meeting because i was stuck in the bathroom dealing with my assues.
by DJSCHWAZAY April 22, 2011
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(Contraction - Ass + Issues) An unfavorable or unpleasant state or condition of one's asshole. May be caused by Hemorrhoids, bad ass hygiene or that Habanero soaked enchilada from last night.
Dude, you got any Tucks, or Prep-H? I'm having some serious assues today.
by MaxfieldP June 21, 2006
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Any ass related problems or phobias.

State or manner of someone continuously being an asshole.
I have to go to the doctor. I'm having some assues.

My husband wants me to stick things up his butt. He's got some assues.
by Ashland_rox December 31, 2009
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