33 definitions by Jimmy Dink

The anger and irritability some women feel around the time they get their period.
Dottie forgot her lunch today and is mensturaging
by Jimmy Dink April 10, 2017
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X rated gay porn remake of Lord of the Rings. Bilbo Ball Baggins is a dwarf with massive stones and slaps them into many an ass and chin throughout the trilogy. Most notible scenes include Golcum taking a sweating sack to his chin while bilbo splatters his man muck all over Gollies uvula and also in the second movie, the Goo Showers, bilbo taking orc cocks to every orifice simultaneously.
Watched an awesome porn last night with a cool star named Bilbo Ball Baggins
by Jimmy Dink February 23, 2017
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When attempting to hook up with a bird amongst a flock of women, quickly picking the ugliest in the pack so you can reduce the time investment to the absolute minimum to achieve an ejaculatory outcome.
Jimmy Dink was on a tight timeline so he pulled a Rubbish Hump that enables him to be at the start of the poker game on time.
by Jimmy Dink April 24, 2018
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Woman who drips warm bacon fat onto her clit and has her dog lick it off as each drop falls.
After Amy and her girlfriend split, Amy became a huge bacon fatter for the next decade until fido passed away from heart failure.
by Jimmy Dink February 22, 2017
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She liked the nasty and with both hands, she massaged my anus and my shaft as she began to polish my pigeon.
by Jimmy Dink July 2, 2017
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When I watched CNN last night I could not stop thinking about Anderson Hooper
by Jimmy Dink February 22, 2017
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An all male outdoor excursion where instead of bringing a hamper with food and drink, the hamper is packed with lube, condoms and cock rings.
Dave and Allan love the outdoors and often pack a Dicnic before they Head to the hills.
by Jimmy Dink June 30, 2019
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