to be out of luck; left without something.
if you get to the dinner table five minutes late, you will be ass out. those kids are hungry!
by mala May 17, 2004
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To pass out due to drinking before midnight, generally causing this person to miss out on something cool or extremely fun happening later in the night.
Drew, if you didn't ass out you would've seen the stripper urinate all over Chad
by DublPlatinum February 12, 2007
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verb: To "ass out" is akin to "passing out," although it generally means going to sleep in a haphazard manner as opposed to becoming unconscious. For instance, after a long night of partying, one will generally ass out as soon as they get home, often falling asleep with their clothes still on or maybe on a couch.
"Hey Jim, is Steve passed out on your floor?"

"Nah, he's just sleeping. We were out really late, and he just assed out as soon as we got back."
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To pass out at a party, either from alcohol, drugs, or sex.
Jeremy J assed out after he skeet skeeted in Stacey's face.
by Joe February 17, 2005
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When a bum rolls up asking for money, you say "Sorry man, I'm ass out."
by filmizzle April 12, 2007
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when you're all trying to stay up all night drinking and one of your friends goes to bed.
Dude, don't ass out, you're such a pussy.
by mama March 23, 2004
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