Something that's suitible for children and adults containing no swearing, nudity, gore etc.
"That movie better be appropriate for Sarah to watch."
by DogeAnswers April 6, 2016
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To use without someone’s permission, often in a disrespectful way.
African American identity is sometimes appropriated by people who didn’t earn it with their white privilege.
by True_Lust July 22, 2019
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A certain way people want things to be done without thinking about it or it necessarily making any sense. Used when there are no firm standards and/or valid justification for restrictions, but people just making rules because of traditions of themselves or others.
"It isn't appropriate to voice your objections."
"All students shall dress appropriately."
by QuinnMallory October 3, 2013
Get the appropriate mug. in off the hook bodacious, utterly bootylicious. A frickin walking hardon. Like... oh my god, i think i wet myself, because that is so frickin hawt!!!
how "appropriate" is that swim suit?
by JS March 20, 2005
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A way for people, normally white girls from LA, on twitter to take offense for another culture while people from the actual culture normally really don’t give a shit.
Person: My lNative American step-mother used to hang dream catchers on our walls, but she passed away. Is it still appropriate for me to keep it?
Ruby Richardson: Is she from the Ojibwe tribe? Have you studied the history of the Ojibwe people and the dream catcher? If not then it’s not meant for you and it’s cultural appropriation and I don’t care that it was a gift from your deceased stepmother.
by The Baconspiracy June 10, 2020
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To say something that in context is appropriate, but can be taken easily out of context to be made inappropriate.
Susie told me that I had a big package, and we know she wasn't talking about the box I was carrying; it was so passive appropriate!
by Julia Goulia November 13, 2019
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Something that both SJWs and far right white supremacists unanimously agree on.
SJW: "Oh my god, that white person is making a CURRY?! That is cultural appropriation and so wrong!"
White Supremacist: "I agree with you, white people need to stick to their own culture and shun anything created by black or brown people"
by Cicero1 August 6, 2020
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