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The act of trying to find plausible answers for your not always too bright actions, motives, speeches, or any other physical/mental commited by anything.
"Jeffery, any justification as to why you crapped inside the flowerpot?"

"Oh, I heard that the price of fertilizer was going up, so I thought hell, why not"

"Jeffery, go to your room"

"But your my school janitor"

"And don't assume I won't beat your ass now GO TO YOUR ROOM!"
by Tom. M January 11, 2006
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When you repeat a previous statement with the word "just" inserted to make it seem even more correct.
You never go to class the day after, you just never go to class... Nice just-ification stevie
by Wayward Penguin January 21, 2011
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Justification, verb, the act of making excuses for your foolish actions. Can be used as another form of blagging.
justification of why you shagged your sister is easy
by Pickle March 08, 2005
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The act of making something extremely gay and jewish; named after Justin
Skateboarding was totally cool until it underwent a complete justification.
by JT Dollar Sign November 08, 2003
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