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A certain way people want things to be done without thinking about it or it necessarily making any sense. Used when there are no firm standards and/or valid justification for restrictions, but people just making rules because of traditions of themselves or others.
"It isn't appropriate to voice your objections."
"All students shall dress appropriately."
by QuinnMallory October 03, 2013

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A description of a political or other belief held by less than 6% of the population, meaning it is politically nearly irrelevant, and likely either crazy or way ahead of its time. Based on the fact that 6% of Americans believe in lizard people.
"Support for Martin O'Malley is in lizard people territory."

"After 9/11, pointing out that George Bush got our country attacked on his watch was in lizard people territory."
by QuinnMallory September 02, 2015

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A term that stupid conservatives mistakenly believe is a clever thing to call anyone who disagrees with them.
"the DemonRat party will take OUR guns and make us obey mooslisms!!!!11!! mak America rgeat again!!!11!" the troll posted on the Internet.
by QuinnMallory September 15, 2016

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