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Slang for a businessman or any authority figure that wears a suit, e.g. manager, boss, supervisor.
Those suits have been riding my ass all day.
by Pork King April 30, 2003
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The supervisorial types who don't do anything real. Bosses.
"The suits think we take too many smoke breaks."
"They can blow it out their bung hole."
by octopd March 07, 2004
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Suits is a dis-affectionate tearm for people who are bussines men, government workers, for example the CIA, FBI and other three letter government officials.
It is also used to describe corporate exsecutives who, in their time, have earned themselves a reputation for buerocracy and calousness. It is not un-natural that they are treated with disdain and are some of the most corrupt and lothable people in history. Anarchists pray for their downfall, but then again so does everyone who is'nt them.
Thouh they are apparently wealthy and well-to-do the suicide rate of suits is on the increase. Either they grew some morals or they have learnt something we don't know! 0.0!
"I'm a man of bussines, those tree-huggers and liberal jerk-offs can shove it! I'm not concerned with pretty flowers or some indangered species of rat. I've got workers to suppress and money to eat."
by billy bo bo August 23, 2005
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A term referring to people dressed in well-tailored suits or tuxedos, such as businessmen, capitalists, or government agents.
"Wearing a suit to a liberal high school will probably get you killed. Damn anti-corporate Mooreons."
by Dave July 14, 2004
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members of the fbi irs cia or any other 3 leter goverment angencey that ware suits instead of uniforms
by tom November 24, 2003
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1. Subservients to the three letter gods of the corporate domain (not just bosses)
Jane: "Your colleague seems like a real douche!"
Bob: "Yeah, he's really into playing the game - office politics etc"
Jane: "So he's a suit?"
Bob: "Yes, just another soulless suit, plugging away at unethical business practices with wool covering their eyes"
Jane: "Bloody suits!!"
by J.Assange April 04, 2011
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