Anyone to the right of Stalin. This is a descriptor used to describe anyone that opposes authoritarianism, technocracy, serfdom, censorship, and forced collectivization. It is also used as a projection against non-communist authoritarians, who are often themselves worshippers of the State. Most commonly used by televised, legacy news, and Wikipedia.
Pinochet was a far right dictator.
by Doge 2.0 January 3, 2022
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In common useage, this refers to political parties that are facist leaning and deeply conservative. They are almost always slaughtered by the politically correct liberal idiots in the press and called Nazis, whether or not they actually practise any form of racism. The fear of what fascism has done in the past (ignoring the fact that governments fulfilling the definition of fascism include monarchies of mighty countries) has softened many media tools to believe that far right automatically means evil and bad.
There is no such thing as a good leftist.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 7, 2004
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Anyone who isn't far left.
"Did you hear that Peyton doesn't support literally 100% of everything BLM, Marx, Biden, AOC, and all the progressive trannies believe in?

"Yeah they/them, she's totally far right. I mean, she even identifies as the gender she was born."
by Brah75 May 15, 2022
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Young mother with a pram in Dublin City centre who is worried about her childs future.
Did you see that far right extremest pushing her pram yesterday ?
by skeltonfren February 3, 2023
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Basically modern-day Nazis.
The Far-Right is a fringe political movement that is mainly comprised of white nationalists, conspiracy theorists, incels, homophobes (who are just closet queers themselves), anti-vaxxers, trump supporters, and basically just the dregs of society. They are generally poorly educated or just plain stupid.
by Squat Cobbler 187 December 4, 2021
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Think NSDAP. Some historical examples of the human cost of Far-Right Extremism include Kristallnacht and the holocaust.

Some more recent examples include the Oklahoma city bombing, Christchurch mosque terror attacks, Halle Synagogue terror attack, the Tree of Life Synagogue terror attack and Jan 6th insurrection at the Capitol building. Where a small group of Far-Right extremists attempted to overthrow the democratic will of millions of Americans in the name of Donald Trump.
Far-Right Extremism does not discriminate!
by plopperdohone December 1, 2022
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