A lie used to label any person, regardless of their race, by corporate media who dares defy the New World Order. Used to discredit opposing views, meanwhile dangerously radicalizes those who follow along.

Antonym: peaceful protest
Look, he has an American flag, a gun, works, pays his mortgage, goes to church and politely disagrees with the BLM movement. He's clearly a white supremacist.
by Joe the Libertarian November 24, 2021
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Anyone who is not a Radical Insane Leftist. Also see: Nazi, Fascist, Racist, Nicki Minaj
Get that Racist, Nazi, Fascist White Supremacist!! He voted for TRUMP!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
by Taaxi September 22, 2021
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A formerly useful term that has been hijacked to mean someone who doesn't support Democrats or the woke racial agenda
Voter 1: "Did you know that 1/3 of Hispanics and 15% of African Americans didn't vote for Terry McAuliffe"
Voter 2: "That makes all of them white supremacists"
by MickeyNight November 16, 2021
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A person, not necessarily Caucasian, who holds that any individual with pale skin is superior intellectually, morally, technology and more inherently valuable than anyone more swarthily complexioned, simply because of the colour of their skin.
The White Supremacist is vilified, denounced and hunted relentlessly and remorselessly in much the same way that Captain Ahab hunted the White Whale, and, much like the White Whale, there is probably one out there somewhere, but generally accusations of 'white supremacy' apply only to dudes who would prefer that bands of jazz Murcans didn't loot up their local drugstore for $899.99 worth of merch every fucking day.
OMG that person seemed to hesitate for a number of seconds before agreeing with everything BLM stands for!!!! WHITE SUPREMACIST!!!!!
by Underscoretanlines December 1, 2021
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Anyone or any ideal that is against the left or left wing propaganda. 99.9% of the time that person, group or idea isn't a white supremacist or has anything to do with white supremacy, but the left sure is peddling the propaganda.
He supports Trump so he's definitely a white supremacist.
by Nyxxit April 29, 2022
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“You’d better stop saying those slurs, you white supremacist.”
by thegingeraleslut September 23, 2019
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white supremacist (noun phrase) : 1. One who believes that blue eyed people have superior abstract reasoning and thinking abilities to brown eyed people.
Many white supremacists advocate that brown eyed people not be given power over blue eye people.
by Rob Matrix September 23, 2019
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