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Imagine a sporting team that believes itself the best at its sport, but refuses to play any other team, and not only that but bars any other team from attempting to enter the stadium they either are attending or even might attend in the future and not only that but tries to make illegal for any other team to play the game at all. Now imagine that same sports team waking up one day and realizing that no one is cheering for them anymore and decrying anyone who calls that team a bunch of losers as "anti-sports team".

This is the essence of a white supremacist.
by TheFinalNail August 27, 2014
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3 Kings (KKK) in any game of cards.
Arie thought his pair of aces was enough, but I whipped out the white supremacists and took the hand.
by keyshaw March 31, 2010
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Use to only mean someone who believes that whites are the superior race. However, it has been misappropriated and misused as anyone who is white, even if they are not white, and disagrees even slightly with the current political agenda.
Person A: Wow these protests are getting pretty violent.
Person B: Get your white supremacist ass out of here you piece of shit.
by Lumlotus December 09, 2016
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A skinny little white guy with a overblown inferiority complex who for some strange reason known only to psychology experts thinks the Caucasian race is superior to every other. Being on average of a height between 5"7 and 5"9, and weighing in at around 145-160lb these dumb fucks will gladly (and foolishly) take on any 6"2" Islander one on one, only to end up in the ER within 15 minutes pissing blood from every orifice.
Those white supremacists are dumbasses! They go on about how the white race is both physically and intellectually superior to every other, then they take on some black guy twice their size and prove otherwise.
by johnnylongprong April 04, 2009
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Any person with the appearance of Caucasian or European descent, particularly of the Millennial generation, who does not express shame for who they are with respect to their race.
If you're white and you don't publicly and immediately condemn white supremacy, anti-Semitism, etc, then you are a White Supremacist. Punch yourself in the face, out of respect for Respect.
by john sequitur August 16, 2017
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Someone whom you disagree with, who is also white.
After dinner, John and Cindy spent the night arguing over the regulatory policies of the USA regarding immigration. John didn't agree amnesty was a good policy making it very clear he was a White Supremacist. Cindy still had sex with him anyway.
by cripplekidcool September 16, 2017
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