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Blessed and called to be great, made with a purpose, honest and pure, set aside for a unique reason. Unshakable and strong. Predestined to be awesome.
Anointed since birth, we knew she would contribute amazing things to the world.
by Empress84 January 13, 2017
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A girl who is determined, who loves God and is willing to do anything for her friends. She might not talk much but she’s definitely there when people need her.
She bold, she outstanding, she smart, she can be lazy at times and be a great procrastinator. She’s a good cook, she loves to read and she loves writing
Wow you need to get yourself an anointed
She went all anointed to on me this evening
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by Anniedarlingggg February 25, 2019
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Flogged. This term commonly used in the criminal underworld in the days when flogging was still a legal punishment in this country, it is still occasionaly used in gay and straight SM circles.
I was anointed in the Tombs after I got fresh wid de turnscrew.
by Bob Prochko September 21, 2005
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