A synonym for drug dealer. Often used in texts and slang talk.
by Walrus guy February 06, 2017
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When someone's cooking is so excellent and superb that you can only describe it as good.
Serena: What did you think of dinner?

Lainie: Your Mum cook good.
by Schmee Trhand July 08, 2020
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Used at McDonald’s to describe someone that is very stupid and unskilled. Cooking bacon is the simplest thing to do, and “cook good bacon” is code word for someone that is stupid and can only do the most simple chores. It’s meant as a very derogatory statement.
Standing in front of the new person, the manager told her that she cook good bacon and the new person said thank you, not knowing it was a dig at her for being stupid.
by ShellyH June 21, 2018
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