Roughly defined as a one foot radius around a person. It can only be entered by close friends, family members, significant others, etc. You know when you're in a person's personal space. You can sense it!
Whoa, man! Personal space! Arm's length, bucko!
by sflagurl25 May 22, 2005
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An area around a person, within which other people make them nervous, except for intimacy. Also, space and my space.
You're invading my personal space.

Get out of my space!
by Downstrike December 23, 2004
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What y'all must give to EXO in any place, anywhere, every damn time fml
Person 1: OMG! it's an EXO member I need totake a picture although he's surrounded by tons of fans and it'sobviously uncomfortable! *takes out phone*

Me, an intellectual: *slams phone* No, respect his personal space !
by Intellectual exol September 18, 2017
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Personal space is a tiny bubble around a humans body, and if you go in mine I will stab you. No one has yet penetrated my personal space... I am space virgin, also never ask about my mother...
by Dickmynarybitches August 12, 2020
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Any Kid that says that they need personal space is a dumbhead. Personal Space is not required in life especially if Timothy says it
by asmartguy123 February 12, 2019
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the area around a person, aprox. 1 - 2 feet (depending on culture), that you should not enter without their (vebal or non-verbal) permission to do so.

see also space bubble

That creepy dude standing too close to you on the subway is violating your personal space bubble.
by Alyssa N. October 12, 2006
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some one who has no sense of personal space and sticks their stupid face really close to yo whilst talking, even though you may not know them very well.
chap 1) met the new guy, dude?
dude 1) yeah, bit of a personal space invader, huh? all leaning in and breathing on me. Freak.
by Beat-shaman April 25, 2006
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