Also known as the Manhattan House of Detention for Men; was located on Centre Street. The Tombs is no longer in operation; they send you straight to Sing Sing.
Jim Carroll spent many a nights in the Tombs.
by T-Dog Jenkins May 8, 2005
Used to describe the feeling associated with Kratom. Gained traction in the NoVA area in early 2018 by its creator “CJ“.
Adam: Why are you smiling at the ceiling?
CJ: Man, I am stupendously TOMBED.
by The Ugly Barnikles October 19, 2020
central bookings Centre Street NYC
was sent to the Tombs for 3 days over some bullshit charge
by Jkap November 2, 2003
it is a burrial ground
we burried that motherfucker in the tomb.
Sadistic lead developer for the MMORPG "EVE Online: The Second Genesis", who is notorious for his excessive use of the nerf bat in most aspects of the game.
omfg, TomB is nerfing the Thorax *again*...
by rawr August 28, 2004
Jake was fucking tombed last night after killing the thirty.
by Kevin01 August 8, 2008
A hotbox but held in a automobile. Commonly used in west London and Greater London.
Are we tombing tonight then?
by DildoBaggins February 1, 2005