One who will do anything, including spending an entire day looking up random words on urban dictionary, to get out of doing work. This habit often has a terrible effect on that person's relationships, work, or grades.
I am a procrastinator
by the_pop_culture_nerd March 13, 2006
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Someone who delaying or postponing something.
Leaving study until the last minute therefore being a procrastinator
Leaving homework until the last minute therefore being a procrastinator
by Flipfro November 14, 2013
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One who, when advised that today is the first day of the rest of his life, replies, no, that's tomorrow.
Apparently procrastinator has to be in this sentence or this submission won't go through.
by Scott Semans November 6, 2006
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A lazy sod that does no work, just avoids it like the plague.
Can't be arsed to do anymore work today, who's up for a bit of procrastination ?
by Keri April 23, 2004
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Someone who does some time-consuming shit and never gets off their lazy ass to get shit DONE.
You are a procrastinator just by reading this and not doing your damn work.
by This_is_not_your_pseudonym April 18, 2014
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a person who really tries to get something done but everything else seems to get in the way (like looking up words on urban dictionary) and then all of the sudden its the night before the test or assignment and you wonder what happened to all the time. aka a mixture of add and just being a college kid...
THE PROCRASTINATOR! I will.... eventually! (have to say it in a superhero voice)
by wat up my peeps October 6, 2009
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A member of the orange Architect's team in Shadow Cities, who repeatedly puts off getting energy until right before a campaign ends. Generally these are badasses from North Carolina
Dreamergirl16: u guys r so far behind u can never catch up

Haak: know we aint nothin but a bunch of procrastinators, we'll be on top at the end
by TheHaak June 16, 2011
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