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1) A prestigious and insanely expensive academy for destinies of all races, creeds and preference to snack foods (Excluding, of course, snack foods of yogurt descent) Where the happy little abstract concepts can learn of their fundamentally flawed and tired existence.

2) The poorly serreptitious excuse for being behind every shit fed romantic comedy.
1. The predestined school for ideas and conjecture is the leading institution for metric fuckloads of useless information.

2. "We are predestined for romance!" says the female actor, struggling to hold on to the belief that she will ever be worth anything more to the type of man she wants other than a wet, warm hole.
"Indeed." Says the male actor, losing part of his soul and most of his dignity at this horrific role but slightly assuaged by the fact that he has a ninety per cent chance of banging his co-star.
by Calmcapsaicin January 04, 2011
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